What is Chiropratic?
*Chiro* comes from the Greek word *Kheir* which means *hand* and
*practic* from the Greek word *pracktikos* meaning practice.

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What to Expect

Best to first understand “What is Chiropractic”

Chiro" comes from the Greek word "kheir" which means "hand" and "practic" from the Greek word "pracktikos" meaning practice.

So it's literally a hands on method of healing.

hiropractic is the second largest healing system in this country. Today it is known to be the "non-drug" and "non-surgical" alternative to drug and surgical care. At Coastal Chiropractic, we use chiropractic and medical care together, so they may supplement each other when needed.

Doctor visits can cause serious anxiety. We’ve provided the following steps of the New Patient Experience so that on your first office visit to Coastal Chiropractic you will know exactly what to expect!

Fill Out Forms

On your first visit, there are standard patient intake forms that will need to be filled out. Depending on your insurance company, you may also have extra forms to fill out in accordance with their policies It would be very beneficial for you and the office if you arrived approximately 15 minutes early to complete these and move on to the important things, like getting you better!


Consultation begins with explaining your immediate issue, a brief history of any prior accidents and treatment procedures. This is to find the exact cause of your presenting chief complaint. Your subjective history is significant, so be prepared to answer specific questions concerning your chief complaint. Some examples may include: When did the symptoms begin? Was it an injury? Have you had this chief complaint in the past? Does the pain travel? Have you seen a doctor before coming to our office?


Following the consultation, we will examine your chief complaint area. This will include a range of motion, orthopedic testing maneuvers, muscle testing, and other procedures. These will provide clinical information concerning your presenting chief complaint. X-rays of the chief complaint region may be taken at this time as well.


After the examination, your doctor will take you to the therapy suite and begin your conservative chiropractic treatment. Yes, you will be treated on your first office visit!

Wellness Therapy

Following your first treatment, your doctor will provide you with instructions for home therapy to be performed following your treatment. A therapy assistant will escort you to check out and reschedule you for your Report of Finding.

Report of Findings

The Report of Findings will be explained on your second follow up treatment. The report will provide you with a diagnosis, treatment recommendations, goals for treatment outcome and X- ray findings. The insurance assistant will also go over payment options or review your insurance benefit concerning chiropractic care.

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I highly recommend Coastal Chiropractic! Dr. Steven Seger is great; all the ladies in the office are happy and friendly and really seem to love where they work.

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